Increased vagal tone

Long Exhales have a global effect on every organ in the body through the inhibitory effect of the vagus nerve. This is a huge body of research that has been going on for many decades.


Massive release of Nitric Oxide

If you follow the method outlined in This Next Breath, a later stage will come when the paranasal sinuses continuously release large amounts of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide cleans the blood, expands the blood vessels, speeds up synaptic transmission, is involved in better memory, cognitive ability and neuroplasticity. Decades of research have shown Nitric Oxide has wide ranging effects on the heart, lungs, gut and brain.


Activation and Balancing of the Pituitary

The method outlined in This Next Breath wakes up the Pituitary and deep structures of the brain. The pituitary is our pharmaceutical factory in the body producing a wide range of pain killers, pleasure and reward chemicals, human growth hormone, sex hormones, energizing hormones. We know the breath can relieve pain through both perception and physiology.


Increased activity of the Corpus Callosum

The Corpus Callosum is a area of the brain that is comprised of 300 million horizontal axons connecting right and left hemispheres of the brain. This area has been shown to become very active with certain breathing practices. This activity of the corpus callosum is theorized to lead to whole brain functioning.


Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Parasites

The MIcrobiome! We humans are “super organisms” that harbor trillions of bacteria, viruses, mold and parasites. Many of them beneficial and necessary for our survival and many are the cause of our diseases. They live in our gut, blood stream, heart, lungs, brain and every part of the body. They have a powerful influence over our wellbeing and thinking.

Nitric Oxide is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial gas that can keep your microbiome in check. Usually, lots of bacteria, viruses, mold and parasites live in your lungs and then are sent through out the body. When the nitric oxide is released, it kills the bacteria in the blood going to your brain. Yoga aasana/ujjaayee practitioners miss out because they never get to this stage.

All of these topics are quite large in scope. The effects of a consistent breath practice, specifically the path laid out in This Next Breath, produces remarkable results.

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