Breath is the ultimate skill in life.


This Next Breath Course


For beginners and experienced yogis. Join this online video course and get personalized coaching with Tom Gillette. Begin everyday with a short delightful breath practice and return to your breath throughout the day. It begins with this next breath.

At Kripalu Center


Join Tom Gillette at Kripalu Center on Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2019 for an 8 hour introduction to this remarkable breath program. An introductory video is in process.

  • Reduce pain in the body, emotions and mind

  • Alleviate anxiety and fear

  • Increase memory and intelligence

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Sharpen your focus. (Praanaayaama opens the door of Meditation.)

  • Access unbounded Joy you never thought possible

Everyone underestimates the breath

  • Breath leaves the body; the soul leaves. (That’s a big clue.)

  • Breath is Consciousness, the essence of who you are.

  • Your mind and emotions ride on the breath.

  • Your breath habits will change, but very slowly, through persistence and perseverance.

  • The breath is the ultimate teacher, who is always with you, and will take you to the depth of who you are.


Breath is powerful.

Learn how to access your body’s natural pain killers

Learn how to access your body’s natural decongestants

Learn how to reduce allergies

Learn how to clean the arteries and increase blood flow to the brain

Learn how to access your body’s natural bronchodilators

Whether you've been practicing for 2 months or 20 years, 
the content of this program will have a profound impact on your life.


"Somewhere in all that time, spending many hours in your warm supportive space, something profoundly changed about me...You were right. It is all about the breath. Always the breath."


“Being aware of the breath forces you into the present moment - the key to all inner transformation. Whenever you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present. You may notice that you cannot think and be aware of your breathing. Conscious breathing stops your mind. Far from being in a trance or half asleep, you are fully awake and highly alert. You are not falling below thinking, but rising above it and if you look more closely, you will find that those two things - coming fully into the present and ceasing thinking with out loss of consciousness are actually one and the same: the arising space of consciousness.” Ekhart Tolle

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