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What are the Long Term Effects of Alternate Nostril Breath?

It is called the 'Happy Breath." Many Americans know about Alternate Nostril Breath, but few practice it. If they do practice, it is or for a minute or two, once a week at a yoga class. Many love the short term, feel good result, Alternate Nostril Breath gives you. However, the majority of yoga teachers, it is safe to say, don't understand why this is the most important yoga technique ever discovered. Watch. (10 minutes)

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The Story Behind This Next Breath

When I was introduced to yoga in the 1980's, Praanaayaama was the main focus in Kripalu Ashram. Postures were thought to be good and helpful, but for higher cognitive functioning and awakening, 24 minutes of alternate nostril breath was the ultimate of all practices. Postures are good; praanaayaama is where it is at. After 31 years of teaching all kinds of yoga, owning four yoga studios, leading 34 Yoga teacher trainings, I have traveled full circle back to breath practice. Here is the story.


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What is the biggest habit in your life?

How do you create success? Habits!

The old teaching goes: "We become what we repeatedly do. Habits create character and character brings you to your destiny. Consciously choose your habits!"

This video takes this timeless discussion one step farther….