What yoga teachers & students say:

"Tom, praanaayaama has changed my life. I can't thank you enough for teaching me a contemporary, practical approach that works like magic. Your years of experience and unrelenting enthusiasm have inspired me to always include daily breath work into all my classes and personal practice. The impact of the breath on my personal life, as well as my students, has been profound. Not enough yoga teachers take the time to focus specifically on the breath work, and the breath is the best part! You are a rare treasure in a sea of modern yoga teachers!"  

- Gretchen Mayhew, yoga teacher

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"When it comes to yoga, Tom Gillette is the voice of experience.  For well over thirty years he has practiced, taught, and immersed himself in yoga, not simply as a practice but as a lifestyle. His attention to breath, alignment, all aspects of being human, including his sense of humor is why I am proud to call him my teacher."

- Jon Leaver, yoga teacher

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"Your body and mind will be honored and cared for in Tom’s teaching. At the same time, you are offered the opportunity to grow past the body and mind, in such a welcoming way, that you will wake up and find out that you are the Eyes of The World. I have practiced with many different “teachers of teachers” and Tom is one of those guys, if not the best of them. You will find him an accessible, caring, and insightful master teacher. With Much Gratitude and Love,

— David Beretta, yoga teacher, engineer

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“Thank you for offering such amazing classes for so many years. I tell people all the time that you are the teacher I have learned the most from and continue to do so after 20 years of yoga practice. Thank you for your wisdom, sense of humor. I feel blessed to know you.”

— Deb Knight, Yoga teacher

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"Thank you for the important work that you do. Even after all these years of practice and especially now that I am a yoga teacher, your way is so ethereal and other worldly, while being totally down to earth. I share everything you taught me. I don't know how you do it, even through you have told me a hundred times. One of my new students at the YMCA, said "You are really good! ... No really, you are!."  You taught me never to believe praise or criticism too much, so I thanked her and told her the truth: "I had a really good teacher.”

— Marcy B, yoga teacher



"You showed me a door that I could open whenever I wanted. I stop any time of the day and lengthen my exhale. I return back to this pure feeling of infinite joy that is always there. I didn't "go inside" I am already there. Always. It was ME inviting me into the space I already was. You showed me how to access this constant bliss and words don't do it justice.”

— Heather M, yoga student



"I am a yoga slut. Over the last 12 years, I have been to 35 or 40 of America's greatest yoga teachers. I took their workshops and retreats. These teachers fall into different groups. Some of them are fitness workout junkies or Nazi Fundamentalists, who are so sure of themselves. They know it all.  Their confidence is attractive, but those are the classes I get hurt in. Other yoga teachers are so sacred, pretty, precious and their words are so sweet, but I don't get the feeling they are connected into a larger reality. They pretend and say the right things, but there is a disconnect. And then a last group, a very small number, about three, who are tapped into something extraordinary while being very ordinary people. They radiate an experience that is genuine. Its like they .... I hate to use this phrase.... channel something. Something else takes over and the teacher disappears. They are full empty space. That's Tom. When I asked him, he said he learned it from his teacher."

- Cynthia C, yoga teacher


I highly recommend studying with Tom. His teaching style includes humor, intelligence and strong connection with students. His classes offer me many opportunities for body and mind transformation and for exploring joy in my life. His breath-centered practices create mindfulness, connection with universal consciousness, and feelings of calm and ease. His teachings are informed by a combination of ancient spiritual principles, state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, and many years of experience. 

-Dr. Geoff Tremont, Ph.D, Yoga Teacher


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Get ready to fall in love with yoga.... all over again. Maybe it will creep up on you. It might appear invisible now, but if you study with Tom Gillette long enough, bam! It is going to happen. You will fall in love with yourself and everyone around you. The community he has created, this community of spirit, is beyond words. Come sit down in this circle and feel what it is."

— Maureen E, yoga student

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"The wealth of knowledge that Tom brings to his sessions is secondary to the accessibility of the information and experience that he offers.  Tom has spent decades developing methods of sharing the practice of tuning the breathe to both beginners and those highly experienced with Praanaayaama.  The experienced practitioner must accept that repeating the same technique does not make it necessarily correct, and the beginning practitioner must confront fear and judgement.

Breathing practice is a gateway to navigating life with grace and sophistication- connecting the gut feelings that we have, with the direction that the heart pulls, and the stubborn but well intentioned brain.  The results of this practice and the power with which it equips us is transformational in the times when our life calls for transformation, and is a kind of a fog horn for those times when we are trying to stay on course with our best life.  

Anecdotally, when I started working with Tom my career and personal routines were all out of whack and it was kind of a mess and caused me suffering.  Integrating breathe work with my routine helped reset my compass and allowed me to connect some dots that were waiting to be discovered.  There were some polar shifts that occurred in my life as a direct result of breathing with Tom, and it has been very exciting and rewarding. "

— Kent Stetson, yogi, fashion designer


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"I first met Tom Gillette in 1991 at Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. He lit up the room with his big heart and he still does!”

— Amy Weintraub, Founder of LifeForce Yoga and author of Yoga for Depression

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"How to describe Tom Gillette? Down to earth. Hysterically funny. Like all the time. I go to his class, and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.  Laughing makes all the difference in a difficult yoga pose. My soft palate gets a work out. I call him the Jerry Seinfeld of yoga. Nothing happens, the moment is somehow really funny, and then something unbelievable happens!”

— Barbara L, yoga student


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"Thank you for helping me through the most difficult period of my life. I was a total mess, suffering with crippling anxiety and depression. I was awful to be around, I found your class. Somewhere, spending many hours in your warm supportive space, something profoundly changed in me.... You were right. It is all about the breath. Always the breath.”

— Cheryl H, yoga student



"After a painful divorce, a long distance move and life as a single mother with a rebellious teen, I had no choice but to run. I didn't know how to rebuild my life. Then I found your class. You helped me STOP! Stop my racing mind. Find the GROUND, this moment, the next breath and to rest easy in that place. It took a while but I healed. I got in touch with all that was painful and transformed it into, what I call, love. All that pain became Love. What a great gift you have given me.”

— Susan H, yoga student