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40 Days of Guided Classes

Practice happy. The critical first step is to get your daily morning practice going for 40 days. This is difficult at first, but eventually beginning your day with s short breath practice becomes your new habit. Seize the day! Begin with the breath.

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30+ Instructional Videos

Instructional and demonstration videos so you know exactly what to do, the steps you need to take to successfully build your practice.

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Online Support with Tom

Join us for Online. Everyone is welcome. When you get the course, it includes a Free Private Class Online.

for beginner and advanced students

It starts off incredibly simple… and grows and grows…


…into an elegant and highly detailed breath practice. This practice builds and builds and, months later, goes farther than what you are expecting.

Start at the Beginning

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? Do you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Most people do, some of the time.

With This Next Breath, we have a solution! You roll out of bed, splash water on your face, and then you lie down again! Hit the “Play” button. Be guided into “The Posture of Life,” the life giving pose that is restful, yet activating. You are resting, but it wakes you up! In 6 minutes, it opens up your ability to breathe and creates a sweet transition from sleep. Then, you will be guided to sit up and follow an active, modern breath intervention of extraordinary effectiveness that grows and grows and grows. This Next Breath is physically safe and easy to practice and there are variations for every body type. You can practice in a chair.

Every morning, you make an easy transition from your dream world into a very aware, clear state of awareness. A new habit will emerge. In 40 days, this very awake, balanced state of consciousness will become your new normal. The first half hour of the morning sets the tone for the whole day and ultimately the course of your life. This Next Breath sequence has proven effective for thousands of people and it will make you feel energized and shiny all morning. Yes, it is possible!

Your life will make a dramatic turn for the better.

For the experienced folks: This “bedrock” course gives you the alignments and principles. You will be thrilled and amazed by where this course goes…..You will need this course, in order to do the Advanced Course which will be out in Spring 2019. In the online photos, what we show you is ordinary. This Next Breath is extraordinary and we don’t reveal all that is going on, or going to happen. Everyone who has truly done the course raves about it!

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The course ensures that you know what to do every step of the way. We'll walk you through how to set up for practice, what to do if you get stuck, and some common mistakes people make.

Breath practice increases mental capacity, sharpens intelligence, increases the power of memory … and make’s one nature virtuous.
— Swami Kripalu
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The Yogis Guarantee:


If you purchase this course, watch the videos, practice the lessons, and you are not absolutely thrilled about what this course has given you, we will promptly refund your money!

Breath practices will make you more intelligent, more awake, and more aware.

A morning breath practice speeds up the process of becoming established in “The Witness,” “the Self-observing self.” When you sit in the “Seat of the Soul” a bigger perspective of life naturally emerges. Breath practice will make you aware of the long term consequences of your actions. Bad habits will naturally fall away without having to effort so much, because you see their pain. If you want to clean up your life, do breath practices, and you will become a better, kinder and wiser person.

“The Best Version of You” will emerge out of this concentrated breath practice. The breath does great things for your heart, your body, your emotions and the mind, but the personality transformation may totally surprise you at Day 40. Kinda like the movie “Groundhog Day.”

Breath is the heart of yoga practice.
— Georg Feuerstein

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