What you practice gets stronger.

What you focus on gets bigger.

What you keep doing is who you become.
— Eyes of the World Yoga Studio Principles

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What is This Next Breath about?


This Next Breath is an online course. It details an elegant, 25 minute breath system that can change your life in a remarkable way. Anyone can develop this sequence with the the right support and the correct guidance. It is simple and builds into something very profound.

Starting Place: The first step is to establish a formal 7 day a week early morning practice! It is only 25 minutes long and its physically easy. Work your way up to 7 days a week, everyday, without fail. Never miss a day.

You might be accustomed to taking days off with exercise routines or vinyaasa yoga. (You must take days off. It is required and healthy to do so.) Taking days off doesn’t work for breath practices (“praanaayaama” as it is called in the yoga tradition.) Praanaayaama is a different animal. When you are frequently missing days of practices, you are missing the key principle of Continuous Awareness. We are moving towards every moment awareness of the breath. Everyday practice is what it takes to get to the threshold of a competent breath practice. It is not hard. It takes reorienting your mindset. All the initial effort your put into your breath will be handsomely rewarded.

This Next Breath makes it easy. (Easier.)

Daily Practice: Roll out of bed and the first thing you do is The Posture of Life! You lie on a pillow for 6 to 7 minutes in a way that passively opens your ability to breathe. You create an easy transition from sleep to becoming awake. Really awake! This is the place to begin. Then the heart of the breath course is This Next Breath’s revolutionary methods that Tom Gillette has tested on thousands of students already. We believe this course is a paradigm shift in how breath practices are traditionally taught. To make a new habit in your life, a daily practice is essential.

Breath Break: A “Breath Break” is a short four minute practice. We do this many times throughout the day. Keep the thread of breath awareness going.

Breath Check-in: A “Breath Check-in” lasts 20 seconds. The guiding principle of This Next Breath is to be continually aware of this next breath.

It is all about habit. Habits create our character. Character shapes our destiny.



Absolute Beginners are at an advantage.

The practice is physically easy. The practice is fun. You can do it in a chair. You will enjoy the relaxed energizing lift you get everyday. Step by step, day by day, you will safely and slowly build a practice.

Broken Yogis?

Have you lost your aasana practice? Have you lost the zest for yoga that thrilled you way back when? Is your body broken?

You are ready for praanaayaama. It is always about the breath. You will be able to find your way back to your spiritual life. This Next Breath starts off small, and in a few months time, will rebuild your confidence and self esteem. It will reignite your love for yoga and you will explore the totality of your consciousness new ways. If you fell down into a dark place, come back to the breath. The breath will save you. It is always about the breath.

Yoga Teachers?

As an experienced practitioner, you might be at a disadvantage. This course will surprise you. You will find new insights, details and methods happening in this course that you will not find in other breath courses. The material is unique in many ways. “Listen for the Gold.” You will find it here.

Six reasons why yoga teachers might like this course.

  1. Praanaayaama is the next step. Most yoga teachers just have a bookish knowledge, an inventory of many different techniques. And most teachers do a few minutes once in a while, when necessary. If you want to move into the stage of praanaayaama, for real, and not just talk about it, you absolutely must become “established” in 7 days a week early morning practice. Never miss a day, without fail. Don’t stop your aasana practice on the other days of the week.

  2. If you are a meditator, you probably waste a lot of time. It takes a long time for the body and mind to settle down into deep meditative states. Praanaayaama is time efficient. You will physiologically develop a slow moving breath which naturally leads to a clear mind and meditation.

  3. This Next Breath does not use ratios or breath holdings. This course does not put the breath in a box. There is a better way. This is a very structured, modern version of Swaamee Kripalu’s spontaneous method. It fun and delightful. You will love practice again. You will feel amazing every morning, once you are “established.” Once you become “established,” then you need to build “momentum.”

  4. This Next Breath will give you rich language, metaphors and inspiring ideas. The good stuff is the details, alignments and language. You will get a treasure chest of 40 topics and themes to explore for your classes. Get the course now and you have it forever. Begin at any time. The course is really inexpensive and convenient relative to a teacher training. You move at your own pace, when you want.

  5. This Next Breath is going to be followed by “The Advanced Course” due to be released in Fall 2019. You will need a 7 day a week practice for many months and the foundational work, alignments and techniques of This Next Breath in place for what comes next.

  6. A Private online class with Tom comes with your course.

Become younger… really

Become younger… really

The benefits are truly astounding. 

What matters most is committed, uninterrupted focused attention on the breath.

The immediate benefits include: 

  • releases tension

  • reduces anxiety

  • increases focus

  • relaxes the body

  • increases lung capacity

  • slows heart rate

  • lowers blood pressure

  • easy to learn

  • stimulates the parasympathetic system

  • deep internal awareness of the left and right sides of the body and different areas of the brain

  • unbounded joy and enthusiasm for life


“Forcing your breath into a box of ratios and mind driven, willful dominance is a dreadful experience. There is a better way.”

Tom Gillette

"Stop, take a deep breath!” “Just Breathe"

are lame clichés.

And it doesn't work for long! It works temporarily, because you were probably in a constricted, limited pattern of breath. At that point, taking a deep breath feels good, for the moment. This common experience of taking deep breaths has lead to unfortunate myths about the breath, for example, “good breathing is all about breathing as much as possible, all the time.” “The more you breathe, the better.” “The more your breathe, the more oxygen gets to the cells.” This turns out to not be medically true.

Your breath needs to match your metabolism and the body tightly controls this. Your body prevents over-breathing by constricting the capillaries in the body and reducing the blood flow to the cells of your body!

Contrary to the popular myth, deep rapid breathing, over breathing and mouth breathing are associated with gaining weight and complications like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others. When you are sick, the body over-breathes. To compensate for over-breathing, the body then constricts the arteries, capillaries and blood flow. A chain of negative consequences follow. There is a large body of medical evidence supporting the connection between over-breathing, mouth breathing and disease mechanisms in the body.

The advice "Take a deep breath" is helpful for about ten seconds, because it interrupts the present mind state and dysfunctional breath pattern, and then you go back to being dominated by broken over-breathing breath patterns, and anxious mental habits. Gasping, sighing, sucking, holding back, and irregular breath rhythms quickly come back.

Way too many yogis, who do aasana practice, breathe through their mouth, and have this unfortunate habit of always dramatically gasping and sighing, as if it were a good thing. Many are even trained to do so.

There is another way to change your breath habits. Your breath habit is something you definitely can work on and every aspect of your life will greatly benefit.

"Some people push the breath and some people suck.”

If you don’t work on your breath, your old habits will take hold of you. Your nervous system will keep recreating the conditions that brought on the dysfunctional breath pattern in the first place.

What the yogis learned long ago: Slowly reduce the air intake.

Forcing your breath into a box of ratios and mind driven, willful dominance is a dreadful experience, and almost every breath or yoga program out there does it. There is a better way. In This Next Breath, we avoid ratios and breath holdings, for many good reasons.

Important clue: After a few months of practice, something else magnificently happens: the body becomes flooded with a continuous release of Nitric Oxide and then the breath slows down naturally, not because your ego wants it to.

Slow repeated daily action is the way forward. The only way to change the breath is through constant uninterrupted practice that this course gives you. A daily practice; something you come back to many times through your day. It is important to take the ego driven mind out of breath practice. Changing your breath patterns requires persistence. Changing your breath habits is very possible for everyone reading this text. You can change your breath!

“breath” versus “Breath”

There is a close connection between “breath” (uncapitalized) which indicates the physical breath and “Breath” (capitalized) which is a word that indicates something much more: the movement of Consciousness, Spirit, Self. The physical breath will reveal to you the sparkling, incessant praana body with in. The breath will reveal to you your chi body. In Christian terms, the physical breath is a mirror image of the “Holy Ghost” moving within you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and the physical breath unlocks the door to the Spiritual Breath. The physical breath will take you to The Breath, which is the fountain of arising Consciousness in this moment.

Love is the higher principle

Love is the higher law. The rule is “Practice happy. Don’t miss a day.” The philosophy of This Next Breath is that you begin with Love for the Breath. The practice flourishes with a loving mind, a listening mind, with as little mind driven ego as possible. The Breath is revered as the most sacred center of every moment. The alpha and omega of all breath discussions, is that Breath is your Spirit. When the breath leaves your body, the Spirit leaves your body. Not recognizing its importance, most people lack is a proper reverence for the Breath. Be in awe of the Breath. It is life moving.

If you commit yourself to developing this simple sequence for 40 days, you'll have life changing results. 



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