Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Is this safe?

A: Super safe. There are a few things that make it safe. 1. The practice is done slowly with time to listen for feedback from the body. 2. There are no long breath holds, which is where some people run into great trouble. There are no ratios or willful forcing of the breath. 3. Everything is guided with a non-judgmental attitude. 4. We have tested this system on thousands of people already.


Q: Does the 25 minute practice have to be done in the morning?

A: Yes. Breath practices are a first thing upon waking practice. First thing upon waking is the time for breathing practices and meditation. If you want to be successful with this, do it while you are in between sleepy and wakefulness. Life gets busy later.

Q: Is it important to do the practice 7 days a week?

A: Yes. Breath practices are different from working out at the gym or doing athletic yoga posture practices. Breath practices require everyday continuity. Your practice can be short, but you need to become “established.” Rock solid unwavering devotion to the breath is what gets you there. Breath practices are actually the most time efficient way to practice.

Q: I made a commitment to do the program fully, but I missed many days..

A: Screw guilt. Just begin again, now. This very moment. When you are starting out, you will probably miss days until you get to the stage of “momentum.” Breakdown of a commitment happens to everyone at some point. The key is to not "breakdown around the breakdown." Drop the guilt. The whole ethos of this program is non-judgmental. Just start again. Start with This Next Breath. And then the next breath. And then the next breath. Begin again.

Get support, encouragement and inspiration online.  Join the Facebook and Instagram “This Next Breath“ groups. Keep an honest calendar; no fudging. Use sticky notes all around your house to remind you. You are bound to be successful if you very kindly pick yourself up over and over again.


Q:  Are the lessons in order or can I skip around?
If I really like one particular day, can I do it again and again?

A: Yes. Yes and Yes. Some of the later days only make sense when you have a solid foundation with the earlier lessons. Practices like Forgiveness and Gratitude need to be done hundreds of times. Mantraa practices like “This… Next …. Breath” need to be done hundreds of times in order to be valuable. What is your hurry? You are not going anywhere without your breath. The only place to be is right here and now.


Q: Is this the Kundalini or Kripalu breath sequence that I learned?

A: There are points of similarities, but This Next Breath is different in significant ways. After teaching for decades, Tom’s practice has evolved and continues to evolve. He has eliminated certain yoga breath practices and works with other methods. Details are important! The language and details are what bring a practice into sparkling focus.